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Have you heard?

The importance of women's pelvic health is starting to be recognised.

From television advertising of incontinence products, to documentaries reporting complications of mesh implants, not a week seems to go by without a report in the media.

I anticipate that in 2018, pelvic floor health will remain in the spotlight, with awareness increasing as we start talking to our friends, health and fitness professionals about this previously taboo subject. Stress urinary incontinence can be a barrier to some women's participation in sport and fitness activities, which can impact a woman's self-esteem at best, and at worst, her health.

So let's get talking, ladies....

  • Seek the knowledge

  • Take action

  • Get results

  • Feel empowered

Talk to me about my 'Adore your Floor' programme and take back control, improve your quality of life and get moving!

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