Bone Builders

January 22, 2018

These alternatives to calcium and vitamin D will help strengthen your skeleton (but unlikely to cause growth of facial hair....)        


Get Your K -

Vitamin K appears to work in tandem with Vitamin D in protecting bones.  Kale and spinach are excellent sources, but all green leafy veg contain plenty, so try to eat some every day.


Eat Prunes -

Apart from keeping you 'regular', prunes (at least 5 per day) may help prevent bone loss in post -menopausal women.  Prunes contain good amounts of manganese, which is part of the protein matrix in bone, and contain vitamin K.


Potassium -

This mineral helps neutralise acids that deplete bone.  Good sources include baked potatoes, lean pork, raisins, avocado and bananas.




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